"American Family Flag", 8ft x 11ft, cotton satteen

My cyanotypes experiment with light and gesture to create dynamic compositions with human and natural forms.  Shapes emerge, “pop” or flicker, and appear to glow or fade.  Much of the imagery is implied or indeterminate.  Working monochromatically, I concentrate on silhouettes, gradations, and halos that appear to radiate light.  My process is improvisational and allows me to experiment with mark-making and chemistry – it is a marriage of painting, photo, and fiber.

I’m drawn to the vibrant blues of cyanotype that range from pastel blue to indigo.  Blue, which has powerful symbolism in many cultures and religions, represents different ideas in my works.  I associate it with buoyancy, our watery origins, storms and floods, and the Throat Chakra.  Most often, I use blue to signify water or the energy that surrounds us. 

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