Ophelia Rising Book 1, 2019, photopolymer etching

Ophelia Rising: Venus, 2019, digital print on silk

2 Exhibitions at New England College: Ophelia Rising

Roger Williams Gallery

Institute for Art and Design at New England College

77 Amherst Street, Manchester, NH

This series explores the tragic character Ophelia, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In my prints of Ophelia, I interpolate this character into a contemporary context. Ophelia is represented in various prints by young women of color, a middle-aged Semitic woman, and two elder women of various races. I transform Ophelia from the teenage victim of insanity and suicide into a woman who claims her sensuality, her courage in facing many attacks human rights and freedoms, and a person who experiences the full cycle of life.



Devon Mozdierz, Visiting Professor and Gallery Director, 603.428.2517 dmozdierz@nec.edu

Eye Mandala, photopolymer etching, 2019


Simon Center
New England College
98 Bridge Street
Henniker, NH 03242

At New England College's Simon Center, Sophie Sanders will present recent works on the theme of the human eye and brain. Taking inspiration from Odilon Redon’s mysterious images of eyes and also her photos of the eyes of loved-ones, she often combines eyes into a mandala. Sanders will also create a collaborative installation of an "Eye Mandala" with NEC students to be exhibited at the Manchester campus. In an era of fleeting digital images and fake information, she suggests that the eye is one of the few places we can still search for truth in another person's psyche.

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