The Eyes Have It

Acrylic on Masa Paper, 2023

“The Eyes Have It,” takes inspiration from a mandala, a Buddhist composition designed to encourage meditation and healing.  My mandala shows the cycles of the moon and eyes that signify a multifaceted perspective on the community and beyond.  Eyes are the window to the soul, and they represent truth and insight.  

I also responded to the “Astronomical Chart of the Sun and the Moon”, 1534, a monumental woodcut created by Veit Rudolph Specklin after Hans Holbein II.  Renaissance artists were fascinated with the relationship of humans and the earth and expanded opportunities to discover and understand its many rhythms.  The mandala colors radiate energy and potential.

This project was supported by:

Friends of Public Art, NH

Friends of Public Art  builds social, economic, historic and cultural vitality through the creation of public art installations in the Monadnock region. 

Arts Alive, NH

Arts Alive enhances quality of life by advancing arts and culture in the Monadnock region.

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